There are many reasons to ensure the temperature of your DIY aquaponic tank, pond or fountain are optimal.  And by optimal we mean suitable for the type of fish you house and for the current activity of your fish.


Dependent on the breed of fish you have you need to ensure the temperature they live in is correct.  Too hot or too cold water can cause shock to a fish and they can possibly die.  Another factor to consider is the activity you fish is involved in.  Sounds odd, right?  What activity other than swimming around do fish partake in?  But, there are a few reasons why water temperature needs to be adjusted.


o   Breeding season – depending on breed of your fish, between 10°C (50°F) and 12°C (54°F)

o   Non-breeding season – again depending on breed of your fish – around 23°C (74°F)

o   Air Supply – the hotter the temperature, the less oxygen in the tank – so an aeration system may be necessary

o   Breed of Fish – as above, the temperature and other factors grossly differ from breed of fish to breed of fish


These all require a very different set temperature and to gain the best results should be monitored and kept constant.


We all understand that water temperature will fluctuate dependent on the time of day or night, on the season and on the position of the reservoir (i.e. is the tank receiving afternoon sun or heavy shade at a particular time of the day?). However, if you could regulate the temperature you could be assured of not only preserving the longevity of your fish but saving yourself a bucket full in replacement costs.  Moreover, we all know how expensive the set up, equipment and not to mention the fish can be for a DIY aquaponic system.


So, what do you need to ensure optimal temperature in your aquaponics Aquarium?


What you need is an Aquarium Heater system.  To help you along in the perfect fit for your setup, we have put together our top 5 best Aquarium Heaters and salient features (good and bad - although there weren’t many bad reviews).


Fluval E Electronic Heater


Technologically advanced, the Fluval E Electronic Heater is in a league of its own.  When it comes to accuracy and precision temperature gauging, you can rely on the Fluval.


Here are its key features, and reasons you should consider investing in this awesome aquaponics heater:


o   With an LCD Temperature display, in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, you will be able to see very clearly what’s potting

o   Dual Temperature sensors means you are able to see the real time and accurate water temperature at a glance

o   To protect your fish and invertebrates, there is a built-in integrated fish guard.  This latter feature will ensure your fish are not damaged by the heater in any manner

o   In addition the fast heat technology has a safety shut-off facility, so you don’t overheat your tank

o   Its so easy to attach with the slim profile mounting bracket

o   In addition, when the temperature varies from pre-set parameters, the color display alert system will let you know

o   The heater can caters for any backyard aquaponic tanks, aquariums, ponds and fountains of up to 100 gallons (378 liters) quite comfortably

o   He is priced on the higher end of the scale, but with all these features you wont regret the investment

Aquatop Aquarium Submersible Glass Heater


An easy all-rounder, the Aquatop Aquarium Heater always elicits a why-didn’t-I-buy-this-sooner reaction.


Let us take a look at the Aquatop’s main features which explains why we are so taken with this little guy-


o   Because its fully submersible, you are guaranteed of accurate temperature readings as well as maintaining the temperature your backyard aquaponic tank and fish need

o   He is also easy to install with their super suction cups

o   Aquatop is fully compatible with up to 75 gallons (283 liters) of tank space

o   Made from high quality double-insulated walls this temperature gauge offers precision accuracy

o   The adjustable temperature controls are super identifiable by bright red colors and tells you when optimum temperature has been reached

o   Priced perfect and our bargain of the bunch

ViaAqua 300 Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater


A simple heater but offers all the basic necessities that you could want in an aquaponic heater.


A few of the features that stand out for us–


o   A fully submersible high quality quartz glass temperature gauge means accurate temperature control and is break resistant

o   There is an easily visible temperature gauge for those visually-impaired folk

o   He works well in saltwater and fresh water aquaponics aquariums

o   Simple to attach with their suction cups, its easy 1-2-3 installation

o   On and off lights easily show you when the heater is heating and when it isn’t- so simple!

o   We like that the heater shuts off when it reaches the desired temperature setting, making for a worry free backyard aquaponics system

o   It is good to know too that the temperature heats relatively quickly and this 300 Watt model would in fact be too hot for a smaller than 80 gallon  (302 liters) tank, so you have been warned – no boiling your fish please!

o   ViaAqua is a heater that is priced really well and there won’t be a question of value vs. spend here

EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater


This is the fashion princess of aquaponic heaters.  Big, beautiful and bold.  We have chosen the 300-Watt model, which is super compatible with 80 gallons (302 liters) and higher, however EHEIM do offer other models from 25 Watts right up to the 300 Watts reviewed here.


Here is what we like about the EHEIM Jager Aquarium –


o   EHEIM’s TruTemp dial means the temperature is automatically regulated and there is no risk of it overheating

o   Being fully submersible, when the water level dips too low, the system will switch off avoiding a dry run and a possible burn out

o   The actual gauge is made from shock resistant and shatter proof glass, so you don’t need to worry with accidents following pressure fluctuations

o   At a glance you can see the on/off indicator light and know right off if everything is in order or not

o   You will need to dig a little deeper in your pocket for this aquaponic heater but he is well worth it

Aqueon Pro Heater


Aqueon brings us a real winner here, in their Pro Heater.  A solid little guy, suitable for most fresh and saltwater backyard aquaponic aquariums.


Lets explore the salient features –


o   There is no glass or breakable material anywhere here.  All you get is solid aluminum which makes for a pretty much indestructible heating system

o   This heater can be fully submerged in water, vertically or horizontally, depending on the width and depth of your tank

o   With a really large, clear dial for the temperature control, you wont be struggling to set it to that just-right temperature

o   Clear lights indicate whether its heating up or whether it has reached the desired temperature (indicators are red for heating and green for goal temperature reached)

o   A middle of the road price bracket, we are happy to recommend the Aqueon Pro Heater



As you can see, there are various features that stand out for most aquaponic Aquarium Heaters.  Some may be more important to you can others, but the features that are most popular are:


o   Easy temperature control dials

o   Easy to read and accurate displays

o   Light indicators for heating and goal temperature reached

o   Fully submersible

o   Fish friendly

o   Longevity and sustainability

o   Priced nice

At the end of the day, so we discovered from our research, the cost of an aquaponic Aquarium Heater is not the most important aspect.  While dishing out dough isn’t anything to be sniffed at, it was agreed that a long lasting, accurate heater is paramount, not only for the safety of your fish but in the long run, for the protection of your wallet.