This is the bell siphon I designed for my aquaponics set up. The breather tube on the side allows air to reach the top to help stop the siphon. You can adjust it up and down via the thread.

Aquaponics Bell Siphon DSC07696.jpg
Aquaponics Bell Siphon 07707.jpg
Aquaponics Bell Siphon DSC07724.jpg

Water jet from a garden hose DSC07706.jpg
Aquaponics Cleaning Nozzle DSC07697.jpg

This fitting for the hose is for cleaning out the breather tube on the bell siphon. An O-ring was added to make it seal with the hose fitting.

Simple U-Lock for IBC Aquaponics

Simple U-Lock for IBC Aquaponics


This U-lock was designed to keep the plastic vertical/flush. This is for the float valve to work more reliably.

Here’s some extra things I added to and around my IBC Aquaponics set up.

Solar for Air DSC07688.jpg
Air in Aquaponics DSC07689.jpg

This solar air pump, is usefull for adding extra oxgen to the water for the fish. It’s also a great back up for if the pump breaks.

Solar Light for Aquaponics DSC07711.jpg
Fish Feeder DSC07719.jpg

This solar light is used on the ‘bug zapper"‘ mode and I drilled a hole in the plastic bottom. This way at night, insects will get zapped and fall into the water to be eaten by the fishes.

This float valve is used and connected to a smaller tank to keep the water from getting to low.
Very hot summers where I am located, so I get a decent amount of evaporation.

Outdoor solar light

Outdoor solar light

This great outdoor solar light as some much needed lighting around the garden at night. As long as you have sunny days, they are certainly bright enough.

Here are the .stl files for download. Let me know in the comments how you go and if you have any suggestions for improving the designs.

Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas for other things that could be 3D printed for Aquaponics.