Connect A Pot is a low maintenance self watering pot to bring nature home. Place it on your desk, your fridge, your windows or hang it. The Connect A Pot is incredibly versatile and fun.

A premium, minimalistic, pure design...
Connect them together with the power of magnets.
A flexible design that fits your lifestyle
An innovative self watering system
Why not grow your favorite herbs?

Our mission at DESIMA is to help you bring nature home. Even if you have limited space and time the "Connect A Pot" is designed to be versatile and adaptable. Perfect for adding a little vibrancy into your life, whether at home or in the office.

Water is absorbed upwards to the plant as required. Simply top up with water once every 2 weeks (depending on the plant).

Learn how to pot a succulent in your "Connect A Pot"

Learn what the advantages are of the very strong rare earth magnets.

Rocky and Kirk at his office

Rocky and Kirk at his office

Common Questions
Is the “Connect A Pot” safe to grow food in?
The upper part is made from BPA/phthalate-free polypropylene and the bottom is made from polycarbonate. We really spent a lot of time researching different plastics and what is the safest. From the research that we’ve done in this area, it is impossible to claim any plastic material is 100% safe. We’ve structured the design to make it as safe as possible. The thickness of the plastic is 2.5mm which is thicker than most planters, meaning if the plastic ever did break down, it would take longer to make contact with the soil. The main colour is white, so it will reflect more sunlight away from the surface of the plastic greatly increasing the life of the product.

Is the factory in China that is manufacturing the products ethical?
We spent a lot of time finding the right factory partner for this product. The workers we meet in the office were happy and very friendly. Rocky, the factory owner is a family man and works alongside his wife. He has many foreign clients and is used to meeting the quality standards required. We checked, and the factory workers are paid a fair wage and also their social insurance. 


There's been a lot of interest in this product, but unfortunately I do not have the funds to get it into production. If you are interested in some kind of partnership with this product with me, please contact me.  
Cheers, Kirk