Using Fluorescent Grow Lights in your aquaponics garden system is not only energy saving but cost effective.

There are many forms of fluorescent light bulbs, however, the best for your aquaponics system would be either the compact Fluorescent grow light or the T Bulb.

T Bulbs are basically long tubular bulbs which come in different widths.  For long wide plant areas, you can attach a few of the T bulbs onto a rigid wide fixture which would then cover a greater area.

Compact Fluorescents would best cater for smaller areas and look like those energy saving light bulbs that twist and turn.  They can be hung horizontally and then you can place your plants around it to enjoy the light from all the angles.


The Pros of Fluorescent Grow Lights

v They are cost effective

v They are energy efficient

v They do not project heavy heat and can be placed close to your plants for the right light source


The Cons of Fluorescent Grow Lights

v They need frequent replacements, about every 6 months, and not because they die but because their light source starts to fade and will eventually have no benefit for the plants

v They don’t cover as wide an area as other grow lights

v Disposing of fluorescents, due to the their nature, can be dicey and you need to be careful of where you throw them away



Let us move on to our Top 10 Fluorescent Grow Lights.

Durolux T5 Grow Light DL824 Ho Fluorescent


v The Durolux has a high light output, meaning you are getting 30% more light than other comparable systems

v The light output system is flexible in that you have two switches, one for the outer 2 bulbs and one for the inner two bulbs

v The entire bulb system is water resistant which is good to know should any dampness leak in

v The package comes fully loaded with all the necessary accessories to get you up and running, from the hanging hooks and chains, 15’ Power cord and of course the 4 2 foot 6500k lamps

v Its an easy plug in and go system, so you don’t waste any time

v Great for greenhouses, indoor gardens and even larger commercial set ups, where you can daisy chain link them for a bigger area exposure

v As they do not heat up enough to damage your plants so you want to get them real close to the plant source, for maximum benefit

v The other nice thing about these guys is that they work with a timer too

v Price-wise Durolux T5 Grow Lights get our $$$ rating

AgroBrite T5


v We have chosen the 4-tube, 4-foot fixture, as we feel this will cater to a broad range of indoor gardens

v Fully equipped with the hanging fixture and 4 6400K T5 tubes, you are set to go in no time

v You can hang this guy 3 ways as well – horizontal, overhead and vertically, giving you many ways to light up your plants

v Its good to know you get a 5-year Ballast warranty and a 1-year warranty on the material and workmanship

v With the German specular aluminum you are guaranteed of putting out double the light energy than traditional fluorescents

v Particularly good for blooming and fruiting plants

v Price-wise the AgroBrite T5 gets our $$$$ rating

Apollo Horticulture 125 Watt CFL Compact Fluorescent Grow Light


v This little compact fluorescent grow light is quite nifty for smaller gardens and gives off quite a powerful light energy

v The good light energy is due to the mechanism containing argon and mercury, which are pertinent to a good output

v These grow lights are quite economical as well, lasting 10 times longer than incandescents and using up to only a 1/3 of electricity than normal light bulbs

v As they are small, you can place these pretty much anywhere and nice and close to your plants for maximum output

v The don’t require a ballast and can be connected to dimmer options should you so require this feature

v You won’t find any flickering and humming form these newbie fluorescents and use rare Earth phosphors for a lovely natural, warm hue

v Price-wise the Apollo 125 Watt gets our $$ rating

Durolux T5 HO Grow Light


v Another honey from Durolux, instead here we have 4 foot of 8 lamps

v Great for indoor gardens especially in bloom and veggie stages

v You can daisy chain join these for longer and larger gardens too

v Safe as nuts, you don’t need to worry about dampness or drips interrupting their work load – as these grow lamps are water resistant

v Again, a flexible set up with 2 switches, one for the 4 inner and one for the 4 outer bulbs.  This means you an connect a dimmer switch on these too

v The Italy AAG Stucchi lamp holder has an I Certificate meaning its protected from lighting on fire during operation

v Price-wise the Durolux 8 Bulb set up gets our $$$$ rating


Hydrofarm FLCO125D Fluorescent Grow Light System


v With the Hydrofarm FLCO125D you can be gardening all year round indoors

v A simple installation process means you just plug in, hang up and get growing

v Weighing less than 10 lbs. and an easy 21" x 14.5" x 9" you can set this baby up into most indoor aquaponic garden systems

v A bright light with good output that won’t burn your plants either

v Price-wise the Hydrofarm 125D hits a sweet $$ on our rating

AgroBrite T5, 2-foot, 4-Tube Fixture


v AgroBrite bring us an awesome grow light fixture which consists of a 2-foot structure and 4 T5 6400K Tubes

v These, too, can be hung three ways, vertically, overhead and horizontally, meaning you have so many options for your garden here

v The Lumen output is rated right up to 8000, so while you are getting a 6400K bulb, you are more than doubling the normal output of other fluorescents

v The heat output is so minimal that your plants can practically touch the light bulbs and not be burnt

v Price-wise the AgroBrite T5, 2-foot gets our $$ rating

Hydrofarm FLCDG125D Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System


v A mouthful but also a packet full, the Hydrofarm Fluorowing system gives you a 125 Watt compact bulb but loads of output energy power

v Weighing in at only 3 lbs. you can hang this little guy up quite easily with the included hanging hardware and junction box

v CSA certified you are guaranteed of good workmanship

v Should you need a higher wattage this can accommodate a 200 Watt CFL as well

v Price-wise the Hydrofarm gets a nice $$ rating from us

AgroBrite T5, 2-foot, 2-Tube Fixture


v AgroBrite brings us yet another winner in their 2-foot fixtures which comes equipped with hanging facilities, a 8’ grounded power cord and 2 6400K fluorescent T5 sized tubes

v The high efficiency specular aluminum means you are getting maximum reflectivity so your plants will be growing in no time at all

v Again with multiple hanging options in that you can choose from horizontal, vertical and overhead

v Great for new seedlings and will take you right up to bloom, vegging and flowering stages

v Price-wise the AgroBrite T5, 2-foot system gets a lovely $$ rating

Durolux T5 Grow Light


v Durolux’s T5 Fluorescent system, which consists of 4-foot of hanging fixture and 4 T5 6400K Fluorescent lamps, means maximum output for your growing indoor garden

v Together in the pack you get all that you need to be setting up this lovely grow light system in no time, from hanging hooks and chainsto the super length 15’ power cord

v Dimming flexibility with the 2 switch capabilities between the 2 inner and 2 outer blubs

v German Hammer Tone Reflector means you are getting more than 30% light output than other systems

v In fact, the lumen output is over20000 lumen

v For large indoor plant gardens, you can daisy chain link these together and gain maximum output over your entire garden

v Price-wise, the Durolux fits the bill with our $$ rating

Apollo Horticulture 250 Watt CFL Compact Fluorescent Grow Light


v Apollo brings us their baby of the bunch, but with so much super power that you will be impressed

v The 250 Watt bulb has an output of 2100K CFL and will look after your garden in no time

v The lumen output is rated at around 9750 which is good news for your plants

v The pack includes a 19” Gulling CFL Reflector hood which adds to the coverage ability

v Good news is that the power cord is a super long length of 13 feet, so no more stringing together power cords to get to where you need to be

v Economical to the point of saving you up to 30 % on your electricity bill and very versatile in that you don't need a ballast and can attach a dimmer switch too

v Price-wise the Apollo 250 Watt gets a lovely $$ rating from us