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Aqua Garden

The Aqua Garden is a desktop aquaponics system. Grow your own healthy organic produce at home. Aquaponics is a natural system where the fish waste feeds the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish. This is a great system for getting started, it's not as small as some other products on the market so it will be easier to maintain.

Key Features
-Flood and Drain (Makes it easier to grow a variety of plants)
-Solids Filtration (This will keep your system running healthier for longer)
-Each bed is large enough for a tomato plant (Not common in desktop systems)

-Acrylic fish tank
-2 Bell siphons
-2 Media beds
-Comprehensive instructions
-Electric pump* (Only available for USA and Australian customers)

Does not include
-Clay balls (These can be purchased for cheap or you can use river rocks that do not contain limestone)
-Nutrient Solution to cycle your system (You can use pee, dead fish, seasol or fish food)

The product is about to launch with a price of $240USD including FREE postage.*
*Free postage is only for Western Europe, USA, Australia and select South and Central American countries.

I've just had a decent sized order, so I've only got 2 left in stock at the moment.

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Picnic Time 6-Piece "Garden Gift Set" With Tote & Folding Seat


  • Picnic Time Gardener lightweight folding seat with tote and garden tools on a sturdy steel frame
  • Includes five gardening tools with wooden handles and straps
  • Tool pockets on the exterior of the storage tote make them readily accessible when sitting in the seat
  • Storage tote fully detaches from the bag for versatility
  • Set measures open 15-1/2 by 13-1/2 by 12 inches

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Connect A Pot

Connect A Pot is a low maintenance self watering pot to bring nature home. Place it on your desk, your fridge, your windows or hang it. The Connect A Pot is incredibly versatile and fun.

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