When it comes to the aquaponics way, a water pump is a vital piece of equipment in the process.  A faulty or dodgy water pump can have dire consequences for both your plants as well as your fish.


The water that flows the nutrients and goodness through to the plants and fish is reliant on the water pump connected to the tank, pond or fountain.  Without a good, reliable water pump your aquaponics aquarium, whether it be a backyard aquaponic system or over the counter style, will not survive and you will have wasted good money and loads of effort.


In addition, a higher powered pump works best, as this will allow you to adjust the flow output and rate up or down to get your bell siphon working perfectly.  Another reason to have a high-powered water pump, when it comes to specifically Aquaponics,  is that you may want to divert some of the water back into the tank for aeration for the fish.


So, to help you find the best water pump, we have collated our top 5 favorites.  Based on a few key features we hope to assist you in making the right decision in your water pump investment.

PonicsPump PP12005 Submersible Water Pump


This little guy may be small but he packs a punch when it comes to delivering efficient service for your aquaponics system.



While the PonicsPump water pump is suitable for a smaller tank, approximately 20 gallons (75 liters), it really has a heart and soul of gold.  Pumping out in the region of over 120 gallons (454 liters) per hour, you can be assured your plants and fish will receive all the goodness they need in record time.



With a simple installation process, you will have your DIY aquaponics aquarium up and running in no time.   For the non-DIY’ers out there don’t be scared!  It really is as simple as 1-2-3!



The water pump is fully submersible, meaning you can sink this sucker right under the water level and it also comes with a 5 inch waterproof cord, meaning longer reach, and in addition is copper and oil free.  Good news for the fish and plants and equally good news for your environment.



The speed of the flow is adjustable with a simple flick of a little lever. So, it’s perfect for smaller fountains or tanks, as you don’t want a too strong flow either.  This can cause be disturbing to the fish as well as the contents of the tank.



This aquaponics pump can be a little noisy at times, but is dependent on the type of fountain you are submersing it in and your tolerance for noise.  Some are not bothered by the hum at all.  In addition if it vibrates a bit, which its been known to do, then just slot a small sponge or two underneath the pump and it will alleviate that problem.  Again this is not the norm, but it has been known to occur with a few buyers, although most didn’t foresee it as a make or break in the buying decision.



The real winner our chosen lot – a low premium for a great investment!

EcoPlus Submersible Pump


EcoPlus brings us a reliable pump with a proven track record.



This water pump is best in ponds, salt and freshwater aquariums as well as fountains and hydroponic systems.  Size wise you are looking at around a comfortable 40-gallon (151 liters) tank.  Any larger and you will need to look at a larger capacity pump.  Any smaller and the flow and power will be too much.



Easily fitted to dry-land reservoir use or fully submersible in any tank, fountain or pond.  So its nice to know, if you change your aquaponics aquarium, you have this choice and won’t have to spend on another water pump.



With its oil-free motor and earth rotor magnet, you will see that it can pump up to almost 400 gallons (1514 liters) per hour, meaning a constant healthy flow to your plants and fish.  However, monitor the flow and adjust if necessary.



A super quiet motor means a peaceful experience, especially if used outdoors in a pond or fountain.  This is one super efficient and long lasting pump.



A lovely price for a fantastic pump – our middle of the road contender.

PonicsPump PP29105 Submersible Pump


A step up from the PonicPump’s baby sister, this pump also packs a punch but caters for a bigger aquaponics pond or fountain.



The polished aluminum oxide ceramic impeller shaft means you are guaranteed of a long lasting pump, which will be non-corrodible and also doesn’t let off any unwanted copper or oil. Good news for the longevity of your fish and plants.



With no tools required, the pump is very easy to clean, from the disassembling to the cleaning of the filter or impeller.  And it is so important to keep your tank and pump clean.



The water-lubricated nitrile bushings mean a low coefficient friction and in addition reduces the vibration factor.  So not only are you getting an environmentally friendly pump but you are eliminating noise pollution too.



For use in your DIY aquaponics outdoor fountain, where debris collects often, you may need to attach a mesh pre-filter in front of the inlet.  This will hinder any large pieces of debris, which often fall from over hanging trees, blocking the pump flow.



Good price, good product, all rounder!

Hydrofarm Active Aqua AAPW550 Submersible Water Pump


A real all rounder, the Hydrofarm Active Aqua Water Pump caters for medium to large Aquaponic ponds and fountains, whether indoor or outdoor.



With its oil free motor and quieter than quiet running, you can be assured this pump is environmentally friendly.  Good news all round for your surroundings and equally good news for your fish and plants.



There will be no worries of vibrations due to the rubber mounting feet that keep this baby secure and settled, even on the highest flow.



Because of the open shroud you can easily replace the filter.  Just reach in, lift and replace.  It couldn’t be easier.



Hydrofoam have thrown in some awesome extras, in their foam pre-filter, venture aerator, which controls the volume of air; and variable intake valve so you can adjust the water flow.



Whether you want to use this pump in your indoor or outdoor aquaponics system, there is the ability to configure either way.  Good news, if you often move your fountain around, which most do during different seasons.



Another nice feature is the ability to set the pump to run for a period of time, generally 15 minutes and then shut off for a while, 45 minutes is fine for the pump to switched off.  This will do the system no harm and in fact will elongate the life of the pump.



Not the most inexpensive of the bunch and for all this it’s still a good buy.


Hydrofarm Active Aqua AAPW1000 Submersible Water Pump


Ideal for medium to large sized aquaponic ponds, fish tanks and fountains, this pump will see you through many years.



Recommended for 100 gallon (378 liters) sized reservoirs, you can be assured the pump will manage to kick out over 1000 gallons (3785 liters) per hour.  That’s a lot of flow!



Whether you have your larger pond or fountain indoors or outdoors, the Hydrofram Active Aqua will work just perfectly for both. A simple adjustment is required but easy to do.



When it comes to setting the flow just right, the built in lever will see to it that you get your exact rate.



Rubber mounted feet and a quiet motor mean you won’t even know its there, creating that peaceful and beneficial environment we all need.



On the higher end of the scale in terms of price, but you are getting a whole lot of pump right here and then some.




So you can see, that choosing the right water pump for your system and lifestyle hangs on a few key features, namely size, flow, environment and price.  We are sure you will find that perfect pump for your system, whether it be that gorgeous little home aquaponics set up or a larger IBC Tote aquaponics set up.